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Sourdough Dried Starter
  • 3 Reasons to Eat Bread Made with a Sourdough Starter aka mother, leaven, or wild yeast:


    1. ​Starter makes bread more easily digestible since it begins the breakdown of gluten proteins and amplifies the lactic acid in the dough, which makes the bread more easily digestible and recognized by our bodies.
    2. Starter amplifies nutrition and flavor profile immensely. It is made up of dozens of types of bacteria, primarily lactobacillus. This particular bacteria lines our digestive tracts, so when you eat sourdough bread you are making your stomach and digestion work in the most natural way.
    3. Starter converts the phytic acid naturally occurring in the grain to lactic acid with the help of fermentation, thereby making the bread healthier and vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein more bioavailable to our systems.

    Sourdough Dried Starter

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