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Local Group Sourdough Bread Classes

I began teaching group classes in Los Angeles in 2013. Since then I have taught over 2,000 people how to bake their own whole grain bread and have created a community of sourdough enthusiasts. Bread is a spiritual practice for me.

We are now offering In-Person Classes near the Hopewell, NJ area. Class is primarily outdoors and we will be baking bread at an incredible and beautiful farm in Central New Jersey.

You leave with your own dough to bake at home and some freshly milled whole grain flour as well. Class size is limited to 16 people, so sign up early and if the class is full, there will be a new one listed every month hopefully. Looking forward to baking and breaking bread with you!

Group Class: $95/person

Local Group Gluten Free Sourdough Classes

Many of you know my story. I was gluten intolerant for several years, was tested adnauseum for Celiac Disease, for which I was negative for, and just decided it was best to go on a gluten free diet.


Until I went to France and found I was able to eat anything I wanted throughout the country without any abdominal pain, or fatigue, or headaches. it felt miraculous. It still does. However, my gluten allergy returned with a vengeance this past year and even a long-fermentation sourdough is difficult to digest. 


At first it was upsetting. But then I thought of all of the different people I had to turn away from classes and information over the years. The ones who had celiac or a severe allergy or just felt legitamely better on a gluten free diet.


And as I continued getting closer to the land where I live and the farmers who work so hard upon it, I began to realize that I wanted to not only leave anyone out, but I wanted to also include these other grains and flours that were naturally gluten free, that were grown in the Sourlands or closeby. I started to realize that in order to be totally inclusive, I had to begin teaching gluten free classes.


And let’s be real, I too wanted to eat great bread! Gluten free bread tends to be akin to cardboard, unappealing, and often tasteless. Now, do not get me wrong, this is no easy leap, and I have done many a test bake to get here, but I do believe that I will make a lot of people happy in the process. 


So…Welcome to Gluten Free Sourdough with Mary Parr. I’m happy to report I am collaborating with Blue Moon Acres who are supplying all of the rice flour for the class. I also hope to bring on other gluten free flours from local farms as this class gains momentum. 

Group Class: $125/person

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