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Sourland Bread

Empowering people everywhere to recognize their own ability to heal through the wisdom of Eastern Medicine and the alchemy of sourdough bread.

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Meet Mary

Creator & Founder of Sourland Bread

Mary created Sourland Bread because of her love for great bread, community, and connection. It all started after many years of being gluten-free ended when she took a chance on eating bread in France and was shocked at how well and alive she felt. She came home determined to bake bread and teach others what she learned in the process. As a Physician of Eastern Medicine, she combines ancient wisdom with her deep connection to our Mother Earth through teaching about whole grains and the alchemy of bread.


Fast forward several years and thousands of loaves later, Mary has now taught over 2,000 people how to bake organic, whole grain, sourdough bread in the comfort of their own home to break with family and friends. 

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Sourdough bread undergoes a process called fermentation which happens passively in your fridge.

What Does Fermentation Do?

Supports a healthy microbiome

Makes Vitamins and Minerals more Bioavailable

Normalizes Blood Sugar

Regulates Digestion


Pre-Recorded Sourdough Course


Build Peace/Break Bread Event


Sourland Wellness

Please feel free to visit my other company’s website, Sourland Wellness.


I practice Eastern Medicine, specifically Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and energy work. I am here to help you on your journey towards healing.

It is our birthright to empower ourselves and our families to have a say in our connection and relationship with Our Bread and where it comes from.

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